Some catching up to do

So it has been quiet around here for a couple weeks. I have a good excuse. Really! Beyond my usual fatigue issues, I actually started a new job. I am making a trek to downtown Kansas City every day.

On the down-side, I miss my friends at my old job. And the commute isn’t any shorter, just in a different direction.


Western Auto building from The Link


On the up-side, I love the area I work in! I am in Crown Center, which I have learned connects to the skywalk system called The Link. So on my lunch, I have taken to going on walks in The Link. Typically, I wander my way down to Union Station. I like to walk across the bridge over to the Freight House and soak up some sunshine. (And get my hair blown around).


On the Union Station rail bridge


Also, my new job is making me do a LOT of walking. To get from my car to my desk is a bit less than a mile. Every time I want a cup of tea, it is half a mile. So, I have been logging about 4-5 miles a day just at puttering around at work. (I know this because my work gave me a Fit Bit. Not a groovy wrist one, but a clip on one. But to be honest – I am not that in love with it. My iPhone has a step-counter… so what do I need the Fit Bit for?)


Still a vampire runner…


Running-wise, I have good days and bad days still. Last week, we had a raging stomach thing going around my house that took out everyone. I was the last to get sick, so I was in bed all day Friday. I was back running the next day and managed to get in 33 miles for the week. This week, I am struggling. I am exhausted. I could literally put my head down on my desk and fall asleep right now. It isn’t even noon.

I have been drinking a lot of a highly-caffeinated tea by The Republic of Tea called Hi-Caf teas. I am digging the caramel flavor the most. I also have coconut and pomegranate. I really want to try the cinnamon toast one but have not found it locally.


My new WINTER toe socks. They are awesome!


Still. I am tired. and I am not logging anywhere near the mileage I did this time last year. I have 2 races in March. A St. Paddy’s 5k on the levee trail (which is where I did my PR last year) and a Pi Day half marathon at the River Trail. To be honest, I am not excited about either. I am afraid. I am scared shitless. I guess I should just be happy I am running. I should think of these races as a stake in the ground. I should high-five my kids at the end and be happy I am back to running races again. But deep-down I am angry and upset. What is the point of racing if I am not fast? Why did all this happen to me? When will I feel like me again? I mean. I miss my clothes!


Big headphones are for studios. Not the gym.


Sigh. Time to take a deep breath and drink a cup of tea. And stay awake. Tonight is a row-run-row brick at the gym. I enjoy this workout a lot as I feel like the rowing machine hits my core, which is very neglected. My beloved Skullcandy earbuds died a couple weeks ago, so I had to use the studio headphones that I refer to as dorky earmuffs. (Seriously, stop wearing big headphones at the gym, people!). My new headphones are some earbuds by Sennheiser, and I will review them a bit later. So far, I am really liking them.

If you have some earbuds that you really love, I would like to hear some suggestions! 🙂

Oh! One more thing! I need to update my blog! I have a new ambassadorship I want to tell you about. I am officially an Orange Mud ambassador! How cool is that? I will be putting up my shiny new badge here soon!

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