Dogs eat cake.

Fresh off of my downtrodden post yesterday, I headed home to get Steven’s birthday stuff underway. I had to stop at the local market to pick up some cake supplies. Luckily, I managed to pick up his gifts on my lunch hour – a benefit of being in Crown Center. Once I was home, I baked the cake layers and put them out on the counter to cool. Bowie helped me make the cheesecake and I put it in the fridge to set.

I quickly changed for my Gal Gallop trail run and ate some toast with jelly to tide me over until dinner. When Steven got home, we did cards and presents really fast and headed out to the trail.

The girls were dropping like flies last night. It seemed that everyone was getting sick, from allergies, colds, whatever yucky bug is going around. It ended up with Trudi, Meghan and I. (I left Atlas at home since we planned to have dinner after the run. I don’t like leaving him alone in the car. Granted, he would be just fine since it isn’t blazing hot or freezing cold, but I don’t want anyone to think he is some poor, abused dog being left in the car!)


Pre-run selfie since it was still light out before I started and that never happens.


Trudi asked me to lead, so that I could set the pace since I am iffy every day on my energy levels. We started our run, and Trudi and Meghan admitted that they would have probably bailed on the run if I had not been there. They were going to get drinks after the run, and could have easily skipped right over to Johnny’s Tavern. We had a really good talk about our upcoming races and general life stuff.

I must have been feeling fairly good because I unknowingly picked up the pace on the way back. I didn’t need to slow down for the billy goat hills in the last mile. The girls mentioned that I was scooting along and I told them I would probably pay for it tomorrow. We finished our run in pretty good time and I went back to my car. When Steven walked up to the car, Trudi jokily told him I kicked their butts tonight. (Haha – Trudi is in good shape but it was a nice compliment!)


Only runners truly appreciate the awesomeness of a porta-potty


I am just happy that I did not have a Code Brown* incident on the run. I had been using the restroom a lot today and made a trip to the porta-potty at the trailhead right before the run.

After the run, Steven and I had a birthday dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. I shouldn’t be eating bread, so I limited myself to one piece. I really love their sweet potatoes there, but the salads are pretty basic. We had to run a couple errands before we headed home. At some point, Emery texted me to let me know Atlas had eaten one of the cake layers. Granted, he may have been hungry, but it was probably payback for not taking him running.

When we got home, I took a quick shower and then set to work assembling the cake. I released the cheesecake fr om the springmold and centered the carrot cake on top. I frosted the entire cake with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting and added a little yellow candle. After singing and cake, the boys started playing Bean-Boozled, which was the gift I picked up for their present to Steven. The boys were all gagging over the horrible jelly bean flavors and I am pretty sure Emery threw up after eating the rotten eggs flavor. Tatum, the youngest, was a total gamer. You couldn’t even tell if he was eating a bad flavor. Kid is hardcore.

I did not play the game but I had played it in the past. (I had moldy cheese which was bad but not vomit-inducing).



Also, I wanted to thank Honey Stinger for inviting me back to the Hive for another year!


*Code Brown

Have you not heard about Code Brown? It is my theory that there are certain things you just can’t come back from. Like, at work, if you vomited all over, people would feel bad for you and you wouldn’t have much shame. But, if you pooped your pants, you just couldn’t come back from that. Everyone would know. Word would spread like wild fire and the shame would be too great. I devised a plan with my co-workers that if any one of us pooped our pants, we could text “Code Brown” to each other. The others would go and pack up the entire contents of the poopypants-person’s desk, take them out to the parking lot and throw them in the trunk so that a fast get-away could be made. They would tender the resignation to the boss, and never speak again of the incident.

Yes. These are the things I talk about at work.

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