How to not freeze your butt off.

Spring is *soclose* in Kansas. My last two runs have been in shorts! Woot Woot! But… This is Kansas. And let’s get real. A day later and it is cold and crappy again… And will probably snow one more time just because it can.

When I did the sub-zero runs, I was asked a few times what I wore to stay warm. So I thought I would finally get around to sharing that. And maybe you can score some sweet winter gear on heavy clearance.

Outer Layer Top

I have 2 Mondetta heavy jackets I picked up on the cheap from TJ Maxx. My favorite is the charcoal one with the asymmetrical zipper, but they feel pretty much the same. I also have a Brooks one that feels like the same fabric that Steven bought me. The coats are quite thin, which I like, but have this heavy, dense, wind-proof fabric. They are so thick that I only require a single layer underneath!


Asymmetrical jackets make you faster. Because science.


Base Layer Top

I absolutely love the seamless Flyte long-sleeves from Oiselle. I rotate around a rainbow of colors. I have a few other long-sleeves from them, but I find the seamless ones are the most comfortable for me. I don’t get chafing and they don’t ride / bunch up on me. (The thumbies are a bonus when I am rocking long-sleeves + short shorts).


Cute hats make it suck less.


Outer Layer Bottom

I swear by Title Nine’s Cold Killer pants. They are super warm. They are surprisingly not bulky. I like the adjustable snaps on each side of the waist. I love the zippers at the ankles. They are just roomy enough that I can wear a pair of running tights under and not feel sausaged-in. They are a little pricey, but I have had my pair for over 2 years and they are going strong, despite taking a few tumbles on the trail in them. When it gets super-cold, these pants keep me going.


You run faster so you get done sooner.



Base Layer Bottom

I have a variety of running tights that I wear under my Cold Killers. On days that I can forgo the Cold Killers, I like Oiselle Portman’s, Go Joggings or Leslie’s. I am not picky.



For awhile there, I was wearing the no-show Injinji toe socks and my toes and ankles hated me. Then I found their Snow socks and love them! My toes stay warm and I like the little bit of compression from wearing a tall sock. I have two pairs so I can rotate a pair while the other is in the wash.


Skora + Injinji = Happy Feet



Most of the year, I train in Skora Running Tempos. But that meshy shoe just doesn’t jive with winter running, so I switch over to Forms. The leather keeps my feet a little warmer – and it is tough and can take a beating on the trails.


I absolutely love my Trailheads convertible mitten/gloves. Big fan. My favorite part are the little magnets that hold the thumbies back when I am not using them!


I am a fan of a basic ear-warmer-headband. I have a variety from Oiselle, Trailheads and Spyder, so I can rotate them as the laundry piles up.

So that is my list! Get out there and get you some trail!

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