Birthday cake and river loops

Thursday we had a birthday party for Mister Bobo, aka The BoBot, aka, Bowie Morgan. He is 9 now. How time flies. We were moving into our home in Baldwin when I was a few months pregnant with him. And now, he is an amazing little artist and long distance runner.


Making a wish!


Bowie requested an ice cream sandwich cake and a taco bar for his party. I assembled his cake and put it in the freezer to set before heading out to my trail run. When I returned, we did cake and presents.

The Gal Gallup was moved up to 6:00 so I had to hustle to get there in time. I was there pretty darn close to 6:00, but the group had already taken off. Trudi got there at the same time I did, so we headed out together. I needed to do a second loop so I was pretty conservative with my pace. We managed to pass the run-walking group and caught up to the faster running group. I decided to back down on my pace a bit since I knew I would be regretting it later. We ran most of the first loop in daylight. ¾ of the way in, I turned on my headlamp. It was nice to be able to see where I was going for once. That is pretty rare for me anymore since I am apparently a vampire runner now. (Or is that running vampire?)

We caught up with the lead group at the trailhead and I got my headphones plugged in and Spotify going so that I could head out for another loop. It was a Thirsty Thursday for the girls and they headed out to Johnny’s Tavern for drinks.


Photo courtesy of Larisa


My second loop left me a lot of time to think about my upcoming races, which probably was not a good thing. I spent the run worrying about how I was going to do 13.1 miles out here when 10 was feeling so hard? How am I going to run a fast 5K when I don’t have any speed left in my legs? How am I going to get up those mornings and run when I am pretty much a zombie in the mornings?

None of these were positive or reassuring thoughts.

At some point, I know I have to just consider is a starting point. It is just tough to feel like you are starting over. But I know even elite runners have these set-backs. They come back from injury or pregnancy. They get it done. It just seems so overwhelming and soul-crushing right now.

Tonight is a rest night. I will lay out my Shamrock Shuffle outfit and will hope for the best. Maybe a new playlist will give me the extra perk in my step to not finish DFL. Either way… I will have done it. And I will reward myself the cinnamon gummy bears. Because they might just be the greatest thing ever.


So good.

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