2015 Pi Day River Rotational Half

Another catch-up post.

Date: March 14, 2015
Location: Lawrence, KS River Trails


The Pi-Day River Rotation Half-Marathon is held at my very favorite river trails in Lawrence, KS. The race is put on by the Lawrence Trail Hawks, and is the only race I have ever run that serves pie at the end!

I was putting in heavy mileage because I was training for the Free State Trail Marathon at the Clinton Lake trails. This race should have been a piece of cake…. But… Circumstances meant I had not eaten or slept well in two weeks. I got up and got ready for the race. I made it to the parking lot. And I sat in the car and cried. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to race. I was pretty convinced I was going to walk over and tell my friends that I was going to go home.

I found my friends shivering around a heater, and hinted around that I didn’t know if I wanted to race. No one really said much, so I just kind of lingered. They called for runners to line up, and for whatever reason, I followed the pack over to the start line. I stood nearly in the very back of the pack, probably not a great plan for a gun-time event. The gun went off and I followed the pack down the road that runs to the trail head parking lots, and around to the trail head to start the race loop.


This is the FULL loop. Race loop turns around at 2.82 mark.


Note: The Lawrence river trails have many turnbacks so you can nearly run any distance there. The most common is a 4.75 loop that most runners call the “race loop.” Runners run this counter-clockwise while mountain bikers go clockwise. The River Rotational calls for a counterclock-wise race loop, a slightly shorter clockwise loop, then a final counter-clockwise race loop.


I’m an over-dresser.


The pace was a little slow, so I started passing when I could and working my way up the conga line of runners. Eventually, I found myself in line behind my friend Trudi, and her friend (now Oiselle Volee teammate, Jordan).


Different dude behind me there. Not the headphones guy!


I mindlessly ran, staring at the back of Trudi’s head. At first, she wasn’t even aware I was behind her. I struck up a conversation with a guy running behind me. His daughter’s had made his playlist so he was complaining a bit about the pop music he was listening to. (I guess you should always make your own playlists!!)


Ditched the coat. Check out my Pippi Longstocking hair!


We finished the first loop and hit the aid station set up at the trail head. My friend Vickie was volunteering there and offered to take my jacket. I was warmed up and needed to shed a layer. A quick drink (I regret not taking a handheld!) and we were back out for the clockwise loop. Again, I was trotting along behind Trudi and Jordan. I noticed Jordan was wearing Oiselle, so we talked a bit about that. I was wearing a pink Oiselle long-sleeve so we had something to talk about!


Trudi, Jordan, Me


The second loop seemed to go much quicker since we were running down the billy goats instead of up them. The makes a bit of a difference J We waved at friends who we met still running the first loop and gave some cheers and shouts of encouragement.


The third loop is when I started to notice I was getting tired. The guy that had been running behind me slowed way down, so it was just Trudi and Jordan with me. I was heading up one of the little billy-goat hills and caught the toe of my shoe. I had a little stumble so I slowed down a minute to make sure I didn’t injure myself. When I felt I was OK, I started working to catch back up to the girls.


The final sprint and I caught back up. My boys were not at the finish line since I finished a little sooner than I had projected, so I sat on a rock and took a rest. The boys got there 5 minutes later and checked out of the pie selection. Eventually, my tummy settled down and I found a piece of leftover pie. It was so good! Highly recommend the pies at the Pi Day race! They are all baked by Celestial Bakery in Lawrence, KS.

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