Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Let’s talk present day, shall we? For the record, I am not a Limp Bizkit fan and I don’t celebrate their entire catalog or anything. That song lyrics just popped into my head when I needed a post title.

My 5K last Saturday, I had horrible calf / shin pain. I am really convinced that this is due to my calf muscles… well… all my muscles… being super tight.

Tuesday, I ran two miles. I stopped to stretch at one mile, and again at two. I just couldn’t get relief and felt like my muscles wouldn’t let go.


Quick picture as I headed out to the trail.


Wednesday, I ran four miles, stopping each mile to stretch. My right leg (which was the issue at my race) finally loosened up, but the left was hurting.


Trailhead at the start of my run.


Before my Wednesday run, I did some stretching at home. I discovered that if I tried to sit down on the floor, with my legs folded under me, my butt wouldn’t touch my heels. I really had to lean back and force my butt down. Not good. I stood up and inverted into a downward-facing dog. I could not make my heels touch the floor. So painful.


It’s like a seriously evil rollerblade.


After my Wednesday run, I opened up my new roller I had received that night. It is called the Roll Recovery R8. It looks kind of like an evil rollerblade torture device. I worked on my left calf / shin for a bit and noticed an improvement. I took the roller to work with me today and am trying to get some additional rolling in before my run tonight.

I will report back on if my leg is improving with the new roller!

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