It’s getting hot in here…

Monday’s plan said to split my runs into a morning and an evening run. With the time change, and as bad as I was feeling, a morning run wasn’t going to happen. I went all-on on an evening run.

Only, it wasn’t really evening. I decided to get an earlier start on my run and ventured out into the early evening hours while it was still bright and sunny. Yeah… about that sun… It was HOT out. I was super excited to run the Flint Hills trail… but wow. I wasn’t acclimated to this heat yet.


Yay for Watermelon Nuun in my Orange Mud bottle. (Product Placement!!)


Might I also mention that the trail smelled horrible. I think I found Ray Brower. (Stephen King fans will get that reference). I kept running just to get away from that smell.


Flint Hills trail


The first checkpoint was 3+ miles. I decided I was done. I had sweat pouring down me after only running half a mile. This wasn’t gonna happen.


Dane met me at the checkpoint 🙂


I got back home and ate a banana. The boys were all milling around and I asked Bowie if he wanted to go for a run. It had been a year (or more?) since Bowie had ran with me, but he said he wanted to start racing again. He threw on some shorts and his old running shoes (which were a size too small – boo!) and we headed out. It was dark by this time, so I clicked on my headlamp.

My normal route with Bowie takes us from our house, out to a dead-end street (with a good little incline) that hits an abandoned stretch of railroad track. The track has a lot of old railcars which have sadly been vandalized over the years. There is a narrow walking bridge there that the grade-schoolers use to go the back-way to school. We hit the little narrow path there and forked to the left to head toward the Primary Center. There is a steep hill for the block up to the PC, and we made a left and ran thru the school parking lot. We then turned left out of the parking lot and headed toward High Street. Left on High Street and you have a little downhill to a park most kids know as Yogi Bear Park, since there is a vintage Yogi Bear-themed teeter-totter there. There is a pretty good climb up to downtown, which is 8th Street. In the past, this is where I would tell Bowie to kick hard. I didn’t tell him to kick since he is 9 years old and hadn’t ran 2 miles in a long time, but I noticed he dug in and charged up those last two blocks anyway. When we hit downtown, we turned left on 8th and jogged back home. Bowie decided he liked running in the grass, as I ran beside him on the brick. By the time we got home, we had over 2.5 miles in – not too shabby for my little guy. That kiddo earned some new running shoes.

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