Little trail running buddy

Back to present day. J

Yesterday, (Wednesday), Bowie decided he wanted to run with me. YAY! I had 6 miles on the plan and figured he could run 2 or 3 of those with me. He is probably better company than Atlas. And he doesn’t stop every 30 seconds to poop! Haha!


I decided Prairie Spirit trail sounded good, but maybe I should have picked something with a better wind block! Bowie and I ran two miles. I stopped to stretch out my calves (trail markers make great stretching posts!) and Bowie got a drink. I had to reel him back in a bit since he tends to go out fast. (Wonder where he gets that from).


He decided he was up for another mile, so we ran one more together.


He decided 3 was enough for him so I set out to do the last few by myself. It would have been easy to just go home, but I was on a mission. I plugged in my headphones and brought sexy back with Mr. Timberlake for 3 more miles.


I did plan ahead and sent the St. Paddy’s dinner grocery list to my husband yesterday. I plan to make corned beef hash and soda bread for dinner, and Dublin apple cake for dessert. I am of Irish heritage (with some German and various other European stuff mixed in) so I like to make a traditional meal for the boys to celebrate the day. I don’t drink green beer, but will be drinking a Guinness later! I plan to dress up for the ladies trail run tonight as well.

So… Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

Also! I did sign up for a few more races. I am still hesitant about signing up… Races are in the morning, and you know… I just don’t have any energy in the morning. But. I am stubborn. Build it and they will come, right? So. Sign up for races and figure it out later. I am STILL waiting on my endocrinologist to get my referral to the KU endocrinologists… (Come on, people! I have running to do! Weights to lift!) But am hopeful that when they do finally see me, they can help put the pieces together on what else seems to be wrong with me.

But I digress… I added Dam to Dam Half Marathon in Des Moines, and Rock the Parkway in KC to my race schedule. Exciting stuff! Other races I already had on the list are The Snake 10 miler at Clinton Lake and I am rolling over Cedar Creek Tri from last year.

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