Where I Run: Lawrence River Trail

I thought it would be fun to share some information about the places I like running the most… So why not start with the place I consider my second home, the Lawrence River Trail.


The best photo op on the trail at .5 miles in.

I started running this trail 2 years ago this week. I know this because the Facebook “In This Day” reminder told me so. It all started with a Trail Hawks ladies group run… and I was hooked. Somehow, all the tension I felt while running roads just disappeared on the trail. It was also much easier on my legs!

This trail is super friendly for beginners, yet scenic and fast for experts. As familiar as I am with this trail, it always amazes me how different it looks throughout the seasons of the year. Many times in the spring, I am actually so stunned by the beauty of the white honeysuckle climbing all over, I stop in my tracks!


River in the late evening from the Sugar Loop

The trail has turnaround points to run a variety of distances. There are turnarounds at nearly every mile so you can chose your own adventure. Even the full loop will render you different distances, depending on which trails you take after you get past the race loop.


Bike ramps on the return back to the trailhead.

When a Trail Hawk says “race loop,” they are talking about the 4.75 loop. Beyond that, you can fork off to the right to hit the sandy Sugar Loop, which the way I always go, or straight to get some mileage in with less sand.

Definitely losing our green at the trail

This looks creepy at night!

The map doesn’t indicate all the little connector trails and routes. If you are new to the trail, your best bet is to keep the river on your right as you run out, and the levee on your right as you run back. (Or try the Monday night beginner run or Thursday night ladies run with the Trail Hawks).


Not fully-inclusive map from the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club.

This trail is not technical. You will find packed dirt, sand, some ruts and what I call “billy goat hills,” which are steep little inclines that you can lean forward and power up. It is great for long runs due its forgiving terrain and variety of loop distances.


Race Options:

Pi Day River Rotation Half and 5K – Read my review here and here


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