Sunset hike

Last night was an easy night. We went out to dinner and on the way home, I decided it would be fun to do a hike up Sanders Mound and check out the sunset. I was wearing Ugg boots, since it was a little chilly yesterday, but still managed to run the inclines! I don’t recommend running technical trail in moonboots, but hey, why not.


The sunset was really beautiful. We sat on the park bench awhile and watched giant flocks of geese flying out over the lake. Really neat. We also walked a steep little trail that brought us down to the shoreline where there was a small fishing boat.


We headed back and made it to the car before it became too dark to see.


Sometimes, I just need a moment to just let go. Taking a hike felt really good. Maybe I should slow it down sometimes. Not everything is a race.


Also, thank you to Skora Running for the awesome presents! Obviously, this is my favorite shoe and colorway ever since this is my THIRD PAIR of these Tempos. Tinkerbelle shoes! See more shoes like this here.



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