Getting jiggy on the trail

Friday, I made it out to the track before we needed to run errands. I had a short workout with some speed components to it. This was a difficult one for me because I was to run a mile at 5K pace and then run 2 easy. But apparently I didn’t know what my 5K pace felt like anymore and started way too fast. That’s always a painful mistake. Ouch. But hey, I know what pace to target for next time!


Oh, track, how I hadn’t missed you.


 Saturday, I was really looking forward to my long run. It had been awhile since I felt like I got to stretch my legs! I managed to catch a few miles in the daylight! I am getting spoiled by getting some sunshine in! I was in a great mood. I might have even stopped at some benches to pop and lock to Eminem. But don’t tell anyone.


I’m OK with being dorky


When it got dark, the wind seemed to pick up. I met an overly friendly rabbit who wouldn’t seem to hop out of my way. A few miles more and I ran into something big on the trail. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it was cat-shaped (and moved like a cat) but was the size of a dog. Maybe a bobcat? Mountain lion? It ran off the trail and I didn’t follow him to investigate. Scary!


YAY for runs that feel so good!


When I made my turnaround point, I started back, but the WIND! I fought the wind for 2 miles before I decided it wasn’t worth it and turned back around and ran the same section again. I ended up at the Princeton trailhead and called it a night with 10 miles. I was really pleased to hit my number and despite the 2 slow miles fighting the wind , I still pulled out a 11:20 average, so not too shabby.

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