A whole new level of tired.

Thursday was marked as a rest day. I had considered making up the bike ride I had missed earlier in the week, but decided that my body was really just telling me I need to give it some time. Instead of pedal-pedal-pedaling, we watched Creed. (Which I liked).

A couple people have asked what it feels when I say I am having a rough day. They know I am “tired” but beyond that, they just can’t relate. Some days are better than others. Every day I am “tired.” I can’t remember the last time I woke up and thought, “man, I feel good.” That just doesn’t happen. I have days that it is easier to get out of bed, and I have days that it takes me a good 20 minutes to muster the willpower, and more rarely now (thankfully) I have days I can’t get up at all.

I used to have to take rest breaks between brushing my teeth and brushing my hair. That has gotten better. I don’t always have the energy to fix up my hair and makeup (and usually have braids on those days) but I feel more functional in the morning than I did before.

The last few days, I have been fighting to stay awake on my drive into work. That isn’t cool at all. I am hoping we find a solution to my energy crisis soon!

At work, I rely on high-caffeine tea to keep me trucking. I have a job that requires a lot of concentration and problem solving, so it is important for my brain to work. (Mental fog is a real problem for hypothyroid people, and again… CAFFEINE!)

By the end of the day, I am toast. I am pretty tired driving home and lately have been, again, struggling to stay awake.

Once I get home, I rest up a little. I eat a small snack and exercise. Some nights I just can’t find the energy, but lately, I have been completing 5 of my 6 workouts a week. The nights that I can’t work out, typically my muscles feel weak. Like, they just have nothing in them and the thought of even climbing a couple stairs is just impossible. Most nights I am tired but am able to just suck it up and get it done. I don’t have speed. I can’t jack me heart rate up high. But I can do slow and steady, so I concentrate on that.

The best way I can describe how I feel every day is… Imagine that you were up all night, whether insomnia or staying out, whatever. And then you had to get up and go to work the next day. So after work, you are tired but you have to go run 10 miles anyway. After that you, are so tired, you don’t even want to take a shower. You just want to go to bed. That level of tired right there is how I feel most every day.

Unfortunately, fatigue is just one of the bullet points of symptoms I deal with each day.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!!! My referral to KU is progressing. Thank goodness for a friend on the inside, because KU didn’t receive me referral at all. Once she helped discover this, they followed-up with my endocrinologist’s office to get it sent out. So I should hear back in a day or so about scheduling my appointment. Seriously. Thank goodness for her because I would have been sitting for a month waiting and not have known that they didn’t get it.


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