2016 Brew 2 Brew

Sunday was Brew 2 Brew Relay. I was really looking forward to running with my Oiselle Volee teammates. I have ran this event once before and had a lot of fun. We all planned to meet up at the Roasterie for race start at 7:30, but when my alarm went off at 5:30, my body just wasn’t having it. I was super fatigued and my allergies made my throat and sinuses raw. While I might have been able to crawl out of bed and try to sleep in the van until my legs, I knew it would wipe me out to try. (And probably make me unable to go to work this week). I decided a better plan would be to get some more sleep and meet the girls for my leg.


Waiting for the Girls


I had chosen to run leg 9 because it was the last leg of the day. (I actually picked 9 and 10, but Paige ran 10. It is actually a really good thing that I didn’t run those two legs though!) I didn’t pay much attention to the leg being marked “Hard.” Whatevs.


We see Shannon!


When Cathy texted me that they were starting leg 6, I got a snack and had a friend take me to Millerett Farm for my leg. As I was waiting for my team to arrive, I couldn’t help but notice how windy and hot it was. As I was watching the runners leave, they looked like they were working really hard running into the wind. Oh boy! My team arrived and brought me up to speed on the action from this morning.

Shannon came in from leg 8 and with a high-five, I was off.

First off, I don’t like running gravel. Ridding it, yes. Running it, no. It was the thick gravel that was hard to walk on, and for many stretches, there wasn’t a path from the cars. Oh, yes. The cars. Since the road was open, I was getting dusted every time one drove by.

When it wasn’t windy, it was hot. When it was windy, I felt like I was working hard but not getting anywhere.

On top of everything, my Garmin decided to start installing an update before my leg, so I had no idea how far I had gone. I didn’t care how fast I was going – I just really would have liked to know how much more of this I had to endure.

As I was trying to keep my hat from blowing off, a guy passed me and I asked him how far we had gone and I was so happy when he said 2.5 miles. If he said a mile, I might have laid down on the road. And he was kind enough to point out our router was hitting county roads at each mile, so I could check my progress that way.

Major props to the volunteers at each corner pointing the way to go, cheering me, and the super awesome girl who blew bubbles on me!

I came around the final corner and when I saw the finish line, kicked it in gear and almost caught the guy in front of me. With a high-five, Paige was off for the last leg of the day.

While walking over to my team, a guy from another team told me that I just ran the hardest leg of the day. I told my team I would rather poop my pants than run it again.

We loaded up the van and headed to the finish line at the levee. My husband and sons were there. The boys were entertaining themselves playing on the rocks. Again, my mountain goat children were trying to give me a heart attack.


Paige at the finish


We cheered for Paige as she finished and snapped a few group pictures under the banner.




From here, we took the boys to Henry T’s for a late lunch. After I scarfed down some carbs, I headed over to Prairie Spirit trail to finish up my miles for the day. It was still very hot and windy, so I was exhausted by the time I finished. I spent my run thinking about the amazing runners I had seen the day before and made a mental note that I was on the path back to where I wanted to be. And that feels pretty darn good.


Sweaty, windy miles at Prairie Spirit

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