Crispy crunchy trails

Tuesday night I took Bowie out to Clinton Lake to run the Skyline course on Goodwin Loop and Bunker Hill again. We were surprised to see the grass on Bunker Hill had been burned. Oddly enough, the cut grass for the trails was there, but the grass that had been uncut was charred away. It left an interesting little trail for us to follow. We definitely needed a shower when we got home as we had soot from our calves down to our shoes.

It was also very very windy. So much so that I left my hat in car after it blew off twice while waiting for the other runners. When the wind hit going over Bunker Hill, I felt like I was running with a parachute on. (And some crazy people do that on purpose!)


I stopped a minute to take a picture of the old schoolhouse on the backside of the course. Sometime, I will have to run down and check it out. I really love old homes and bulidings, so it would make for a fun adventure with the boys. (Looking from outside the fence, of course).

Bowie once again did a really great job and lead quite a bit of the run. I am curious as to how he will manage to pace himself on race day. As a little guy, he will likely go out with the fast runners and quickly find himself unable to keep up. I really hope I can remind him to keep his pace easy at first – you can always speed up later!

Another interesting option for the race is a prediction time. If you choose to run without a GPS, you can try to predict what time you think you will run. Closest to their predicted time will win a prize. Since Bowie never wears a Garmin, and he will be running the race way ahead of me, I will try to help him with his guess.

After the run, we enjoyed freezie pops in the parking lot. Aren’t they the best after run? Well. That or beer. But I can’t have beer, so freezie pops it is!


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