When that dude got a tick in that one spot.

Thursday afternoon I had a dentist appointment. Completely necessary as I had some super old fillings that needed replaced… But I, like many people, am not a fan of the dentist. They asked if I wanted to watch TV to distract me from their instruments of torture, and I thought it was a decent alternative. Daytime television is pretty sad, and but managed to find a show that held my interest. It was called “Naked and Afraid,” and I am probably the only person on Earth who didn’t know about it. It is like Survivor, which I also have not watched, but naked. (Butt naked? Ha!) So they could call it “Creepy Campy.” I feel bad for the camera guy. He has to see a lot of junk. Anyway. I watched a couple of episodes and thought it was interesting. (And they could have worn clothes. It still would be a good show). But I guess if they were wearing clothes, they wouldn’t have a dude get a tick in his eye and his pee hole. Yes. His pee hole. (I let the dentist know the dude got a tick in his pee hole, too. It seemed like important information).

Anyways… after my appointment, my mouth was sore but I still wanted to run. I was hungry but all I could really eat was a small packet of applesauce and a banana. But I wanted to run Gal Gallop at the river trails with the lady Trail Hawks!!!

I got to the trail and was regretting my outfit. It was windy and cold while we stood around waiting for the group to show up. I wished I had brought a windbreaker, but I actually felt fine once we got to running.


Nicole is awesome with that selfie-stick!


I don’t know if it was my sore mouth, or just my crummy energy levels, but the pace felt so hard for me. After a mile, I dropped to the back of the pack so that I could slow down. Even that did not help so I started run / walk intervals. I was a miserable camper and did a shorter loop just so that I could get it over with.

When I got home, I took some ibuprofen and my mouth felt so much better. But… here is my conundrum… I need advice!

I am signed up for Rock the Parkway half on Saturday. I am fully capable of running that distance at night. But, this race starts at 7:30 a.m. Issue 1.

Next issue… I haven’t ran on pavement in months. I don’t know what pace to run. My last 10 miler on the rail trail, I ran 11:27 as an easy pace. But this was at night, and not on pavement. While I should be faster on pavement (but by how much, I don’t know), maybe that is off-set by the fact that I haven’t had good luck running in the morning.

My thoughts are this… If I wake up and feel OK, I will run the half and line up with the 11:25 group. I can always speed up if I feel OK.

If I wake up and feel meh, I can ask about switching to the 5K. (I don’t know if that is even an option).

If I wake up and feel like death, I will go back to sleep and chalk it up to another race that I signed up for months ago thinking surely I would feel better in 6 months.

Any advice?

One thought on “When that dude got a tick in that one spot.

  1. Choops says:

    You’ve totally got the half! Do you know the course? If you are apprehensive, pull up a course map, elevation chart, where the aid stations are, and give yourself a plan where you know you will perform better, and which parts of the course will run you harder. Getting your mind in the game will help exponentially.
    Besides that–sleep, breakfast, and make sure to make water as accessible as possible. If you know you like more water while you run, run with a bottle. Otherwise, make use of those aid stations.
    Good luck!


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