Getting our butts in gear.

Friday was a rest day in prep for my Rock the Parkway half. With baseball practices and such, we only have the 2 littlest guys with us at dinnertime, so we took Bowie and Tatum for burgers and shakes at The Burger Stand. After that, I suggested a hike at the river trails to burn off some energy.

I know that we all hear the stories about kids becoming obese and sedentary due to fast food and video games. I guess I am lucky that my boys, save for the “treat” meal that night, really like eating healthy foods. And while they do like to play video games, it is after they’ve spent a chunk of time being active. I have very outdoorsy kids and sometimes it is an effort to drag them back inside.

The boys really love the river trail because it is beginner-friendly to run on, and just really beautiful. They like to play “Indiana Jones” as they run along. Tatum was running so fast, I was sure he was going to trip and face-plant, but somehow he managed to stay upright.

We did the 2 mile loop, to make sure we wouldn’t be out after dark. And those little legs do get tired. On the return trip, Tatum was poking along a bit. I told him to get his butt in gear. He told me that his butt was in gear but it was out of gas. Haha! Cute kiddo!


Saturday was to be my Rock the Parkway Half… I have done this race two years in a row, and had a really fun run with a PR last year. This year, apparently, wasn’t meant to be. I had set my alarm, and even woke up at 2 (as I always do) to double-check my phone. Later I woke up at 7:00 to a “Welcome to iPhone” screen. My phone installed an update and restarted.

I told myself that I was probably too tired to run it anyway. But I was still very upset. Another race that I didn’t get to run because I am sick. Not happy about that at all.

I was really run-down all day but as stubborn as I am, I wanted to get some kind of a run in. I picked up some produce at Sprouts and decided since Rock Chalk Trails were nearby, I would head over there.


I rarely run Rock Chalk Trails. I don’t care for the material the trails are made from, and it is a very hilly course. They are made of chunked up aggregate, so they are very hard and crunchy. I like dirt better. And I am just not really able to handle a lot of hills now. But I made 2 loops around the course and got in a little over 3 miles. (You can read my trail review here.)

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