Where I Run: Rock Chalk Park Trail

Rock Chalk Trails

Lawrence, KS

Rock Chalk trails are located in the Rock Chalk Sports Pavilion in Lawrence, KS. The trails are aggregate loops wandering around a prairie setting. On the upside, much of the trees and foliage were left undisturbed, which gives the newly added trails a sense that they are established. It is nice to have tall trees overhead. We also spot snakes, deer and small animals around the trails.

The downside, for me anyway, is the material they are made of. I prefer dirt, rocks and roots. The Rock Chalk trails look a lot like chunked up asphalt rocks that were spread into a trail. How they actually built them, I can’t tell you. But they really look like recycled road materials. It makes for a crunchy hard surface to run on.

The loops really are a choose-your-own adventure. You could turn at many points and come up with varying distances. To run 6 or more miles, you do have to get repetitious. The trail itself is great for a short or mid distance hill run. Some of the hills are pretty steep. The paved hill at the end is often referred to as “The Hill of Death” by some of the local runners.  You can find a trail map here.

They’ve recently put some park benches out there to make it a little more family-friendly. In addition, they have started holding some races out there, and I have included links below.


elevation chart from a recent run


Races to Run:

Hilltop Hustle

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