Does a trail runner poop in the woods?

Answer: Apparently, for Bowie… No.

My run last night did not go as planned. I wanted to get 6 miles in, but there was also a Trail Hawks group run that I wanted to take Bowie to. Since the course was hilly, I didn’t want to run it myself. I planned to take Bowie to the group run at Clinton trails, and then when he was finished, I could go to the river trails…

When we got to Clinton, we decided to buy a season pass since we’ve been going to the other section of trails so often. We did not anticipate it was going to take so long. But the time we finally got to the meeting spot, the group was just taking off. I told Bowie to run ahead and catch up. I was a little nervous about sending Bowie off alone, but he has not had any problems the previous weeks.

While we waiting, Dane checked out the “Bunker” of Bunker Hill. I managed to get into a fight with some thorny vines and cut up my ankles a bit.


Unfortunately, Bowie didn’t have time to go potty before he ran. And this became an issue. When the lead pack came through, Bowie was not with them. Shari said Bowie had to go to the potty, so I started running the course backwards to make sure he was OK. When I found the trailing group, they said he was heading to the restrooms at the trail head. ( I am so thankful one of the other runners took the time to walk him over!)

After I was finally able to locate Bowie, we needed to get him home. He had tummy troubles. So that meant that by the time we got home, it was nearly 8:00… so my run was canceled. At least I got in some hills in at Clinton, I guess.

We really are going to have to figure the running schedule out a little better!

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