The hill did not win. My mind just failed.

Wednesday morning I dragged myself out of bed early in a sad attempt to start acclimating my body to morning running. Strangely enough – race directors expect people to run at o’dark thirty. So maybe getting a mile or two in each morning might help my body work a little better in the morning.

I ran 8th street from Elm to Lincoln and back, which was just slightly over one mile. And I felt like I was dying. At ¾ of a mile, I bonked and had to walk a few seconds. Lame. But I did get the run done before work, so there is that.

Wednesday night I had hill repeats on my plan. I needed a hill that would take me 2 minutes to run up, and then do 12 repeats. That didn’t exactly happen.


Path from ball fields to the Primary Center hill


I warmed up a bit running over to the hill that runs from the Intermediate Center to the Primary Center in Baldwin. I did 4 repeats (2 miles). But I just could not get into a good headspace. Something about the repetition, and not having changing scenery to distract me… I started thinking about the things that set me off last year. The things that ultimately ended up making my sick and causing my systems to start shutting down. I actually stopped at the end of the 4th repeat to cry on the sidewalk. It was just too much.


Prairie Grass project along PC Hill, with grain elevators in the background


Eventually, I picked myself up off the ground and decided that I would run a hilly route instead. I ran through the Primary Center parking lot, to High Street, then ran that downtown. The last hill there is a butt-kicker and I just concentrated on keeping my legs going. From there, I headed down 8th back home. I got 4 miles in, plus the mile from the morning. Sometimes you just do what you can.


Primary Center Hill


I really don’t think it was the hill that was the problem on my repeats. I just need something more engaging or my mind decides to wander to bad places. If only some thoughts were more easily shut off.


Baldwin City water tower mid-way on the hill


Back at it again tomorrow, right?

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