Wells Overlook tower and trails

Saturday we had a bit of an adventure with the boys. I asked Bowie if he wanted to check out a lookout tower and he got really excited. We took the boys to Wells Overlook Park just outside Lawrence, KS.

We started by climbing the lookout tower and taking in the beautiful sunset.While we were on the tower, I noticed a couple sets of trails. Bowie is obviously a boy after my own heart, because he noticed them as well and asked if we could check them out. Yes. The answer to checking out new trails is always yes.

First we took the stairs down to trails by the lookout tower. The boys had a good time on this one! While it was a short trail, it was quite technical in spots. In fact, there was a steep incline that the littlest guys needed to scramble up on their hands and knees! I got a good running start and made it up in one pass. (Which is good since I didn’t care to roll back down the hill!)

Next, we tried the loop on the other side of the park. This was a much easier trail for the little guys to manage. It had a couple really good inclines in case anyone is looking for a good place for hill repeats! Yikes!

After we finished climbing, we took the boys for fro-yo. Then, Steven dropped me off at Clinton Lake trails to volunteer at an aid station for Free State Trail Marathon… home of last years shit show marathon.

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