The cabin in the woods.

Tuesday I felt like I was dragging all day. Even just walking around at work, my legs felt dead and weak. I trudged through my day and was so happy to be driving home… when I get a text from my son that immediately put me on edge. I came home to deal with an issue relating to the sorority next door and my stress level skyrocketed. Not good for someone with thyroid and adrenal issues. It was the last thing I needed to deal with, on top of having to put one of our dogs down on Friday.

I sucked it up and decided to attempt my run anyway. My plan said 6, so I got dressed, grabbed a quick bite and headed out to the trail. I wasn’t sure what shape the Lawrence trails would be in due to the rain we’ve had this week, so I headed out to Flint because it drains very well.


Shoe-selfie because I love these shoes so much!

I decided to run Rantoul to Ottawa for a change of pace. It was lightly sprinkling when I started out. I knew I was in for a bad run right away. It was such an effort to get me feet to turnover. I concentrated on just slowing down and keeping everything steady.


Wanna check it out? So much NOPE.

A mile or so in, I stopped to snap a couple pictures of an abandoned house that I have nicknamed “Jason Voorhees’ Stabbin’ Cabin.” I don’t know what the story behind the house is, but it is super creepy. I mean, at least Jason’s cabin on Friday the 13th had windows and a door! The house does have an assortment of old furniture on what I guess used to be a screened-in porch. So maybe Jason is just sitting there, sharpening his machete thinking, “I got no windows or doors, but I’m gonna sit in my creepy porch and watch runners go by!”

Someone should Photoshop Jason into my picture. For reals.


Anyway… I felt creeped out taking the pictures so I continued my run. I was getting tired so I stopped again to take a few pictures of an old rail bridge the crosses the creek (I don’t really think it is a river).

And soon after that, I made it to my crew at the trailhead and decided 4 miles was enough for me. I will rest up and be back at it again tomorrow, I hope!

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