2 tortoises and a hare

Sometimes to get a run in, you need the power of a mighty cheer squad. Luckily, my cheer squad lives with me. And they are my children so I can make them do stuff!

I had a little bit of speedwork to do on Wednesday night – 5 miles easy with the evens as fast as I could go without dying. I am not a fan of anything fast lately but I sucked it up and went out to the trail, cheer squad in tow. With the rainy week, Prairie Spirit was my trail of choice since it drains well and has never failed me yet when everywhere else is muddy.

I got my run completed, including the fast 2 miles sandwiched between the easy ones. It is amazing what a little Eminem can do for a run… But the best part of the night was when I came across two baby snapping turtles on the trail. They were so small, I almost mistook them for a leaf. When I realized what they were, I knew I had to show the boys. Luckily, I spotted them right before the trailhead the boys were waiting at.

The boys took turns holding the turtles very carefully. We made sure they kept their hands very flat and didn’t get their fingers near the turtles’ mouths. I am guessing that because they are so small, they probably could not really bite, but I wasn’t going to find out!

We moved the turtles off the trail in hopes that they wouldn’t get smashed by a runner or biker. We want them to be able to finish the race. (But I, with my nickname of Puckbunny, think I won the race. Despite what the fairy table says.)


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