Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

I wanted a change of pace on Sunday. I was due for a long run and wanted to see something new and fun. I thought, why not run Flint Hills the other direction? I have seen it from Ottawa to Osawatomie… why not head the other way?

I was dropped off at the Ottawa trailhead and started running toward Pomona. It was very windy, and I was getting beaten up by headwinds. Finally, I made it into some decent tree cover when I found this.

Well. Technically there are no signs saying don’t go around the construction equipment, climb the jankety ladder and cross the half-way done bridge, right?

So I did. The view from the middle of the bridge was actually really pretty. It will be a neat section of trail when it opens later this year.

There was no ladder on the other side but I was able to jump down. I was back on my way, until I came to this giant pile of logs. Well then. I had my crew come back out and find me, and we drove down another mile where the trail was open again.

Once I was back on “legal” trail, I got a few more miles in before it started to rain on me. I was just over my run by that point.


On the upside, I did find a beautiful aqua-colored glass insulator. I had been wanting one of the insulators on the Flint Hills as a souvenir so I was pretty excited to find one!


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