Where I Run: Blue River Park trails

Last Friday, I met up with a new friend to run a new trail! Nikki was kind enough to take me on a tour of the Blue River Park (BRP) trails. The trails are located in south Kansas City and follow the Blue River. The majority of the trail is located in the Jackson County Park, but we met up at the trail head in Minor Park, which is a city park.

Nikki gave me the backstory on the trails. Runners and bikers are very protective of the trails here as so many volunteer have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into these trails. You are advised to check the Facebook group for trail conditions if you think they might be at all muddy. You can find really good trail maps here.

We ran 5 miles on the River, Bo Ho Ca and Basement trails… and maybe a few others. There were a lot of connectors in there, and you could really choose your own adventure. I won’t even begin to pretend I know them well enough to do a full trail review, so that will have to come later on.

There were many beginner-friendly sections that are much like the Lawrence River Trails. And there were some very technical sections, much like the Red Trail at Clinton Lake. I really think the trails are varied and long enough that there is something for everyone there!

I am intrigued by the section of trails called The Basement. I snapped a picture of what used to be gates to a camp called Emma S.White Boys Camp. The foundation for the house is still there, hence why it is called “The Basement.”

Emma S. White was the wife of John B.White, president of Missouri Land and Lumber Company. Mr. White was a conservationist and after his death, Mrs. White continued his philanthropy. Near and dear to her heart was Camp BoHoCa. This camp was used by the orphans at the Boys’ Hotel. She later bought land and build a school on the campgrounds.

During the depression, the camp was leaded to Boys Scouts of America’s Kansas City Council for $1. In 1936, he scouts renamed it “Camp White” in Mrs.White’s honor.



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