Does a trail runner poop by a sign?

Monday was a busy busy day. I had a dentist appointment and managed to bake 2 dozen cupcakes for Tatum’s birthday party at school. (Happy 5th Birthday, Tater Bug!)

When Steven got home, I threw on some running clothes and dragged him out the door. I was determined to get my run in despite the looming dark clouds. He loaded up his bike and we headed out to the trail. Again, wanting to do something different, I decided to run Rantoul to Ottawa and back. Same route, different direction. When we parked at the trailhead, I spotted this sign. And of course, I had to take a picture….


At was just muggy, gross, hot, humid, sweaty, yuck. I think that sufficiently describes the run. I guess some heat training is good since summer is basically here. I was sure to hydrate every mile, but still… I had sweat rolling off me in the first mile.


We made it to Jason’s stabbin’ cabin again and Steven debated going inside for a minute. But a pickup truck came down the trail. Which is weird since, of course, no vehicles are allowed. He must have gained access from a field entrance since the trail heads are narrow. I thought maybe he was trail maintenance since he had buckets of dirt and shovels in the bed of his truck. Or he was a psycho killer, so I didn’t question him as he drove slowly by.

Steven would have to check out the cabin some other time. (He thought it might be Ed Gein’s Emporium of Human Skin. Either way, I’m not going in.)

We crossed the rail bridge and trudged along a few miles before the half-way mark where we would turn around. The sun was just setting, but it was still very hot out. I was wishing for rain.


On the way back, Steven decided he wanted to do some exploring off the trail, so I put my headphones on and kept moving. I was making good time with some music but realized if Steven didn’t hurry up, I would have to run by Jason’s cabin by myself. Not cool! Finally he caught up to me after 3 miles. Yay! The bad news for Steven is he picked up an old log that was filled with carpenter ants. The little suckers crawled all over him and chewed him up. (I guess the lesson learned is not to pick up logs on a trail. Yikes!)

Soon it was pitch black on the trail, and I turned on my headlamp. When we passed the cabin, it was so dark I could not even see it. In the final mile, there was something pretty large on the trail. We would see its yellow eyes flash every minute or so. No idea what it was, but luckily when we got closer, it disappeared. I’m guessing a fox maybe?


I was so happy to make it back to the trail head. I managed a negative split for those 10 miles, most likely because it did get cooler after sunset. I really appreciate having Steven pedal beside me… Flint gets scary after dark!

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