Not so mighty rivers

Rivers know this:  There is no hurry. We shall get there someday.  -A.A. Milne


Last week, Lincoln Marathon really loomed over my head. I knew that if the race were at night, I would be able to complete it no problem… But a morning run? Yikes. I was not sure if I would be able to run 2 miles, let alone 13.1. I had signed up for the race months ago, fully expecting to “be better by now.” When that didn’t happen, I dropped to the half.

Thursday night, I did my last run before resting my legs. I have really been loving Flint Hills lately, so I decided to make my last pass there. I love the scenery so much – I wanted something to boost my spirits. But, still, it is scary out there after dark, so I asked Steven if he would accompany me. I even loaned him my sweet cyclocross bike to sweeten the offer.

We started in Rantoul, home of the awesome “Poop Free Zone” trailhead sign. It was hot and muggy out, but I was determined to have a great slow easy run.


I love this bike so much!

Right away, I couldn’t believe how high the water was along the river. (Mostly, I think of it as a creek… but really, it is a Marais Des Cygnes River.) Normally, the river bed is dry or just a trickle… Now, everything is high and some of the fields were flooded.

For comparison, a couple weeks ago, I climbed down under the bridge and took this picture. Thursday night, the river was full. Same leaning tree there in each picture!

Most of the water looked stagnant – the river was not roaring, to say the least. I can’t imagine a circumstance that would ever make me want to swim or drink that water. It made me think about how lucky I am to have clean drinking water.


At 3 miles out, we turned about and headed back to the car. I picked up the pace just slightly on the return back. Everything felt really good. I did a little under 11:30 for 6 miles on trail. I felt like that should be an attainable pace for the half, thinking the paved roads might off-set my inability to run in the morning.


One more thing! In my quest to find a red lipstick that stays on all day, I think I found a winner. I applied Bachelorette by Kat Von D on my way to the trail. I ate, drank and ran 6 sweaty miles, and it did not budge!




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