Legs are willing. Body is not.

On Tuesday, my legs were ready to get back to work. It didn’t seem like the rest of my body wanted to comply. My energy level was ZERO. To be fair, I didn’t sleep again on Monday night. And I had a 2 hour job interview Tuesday afternoon. And I had not eaten anything since lunch before my evening run. All those factors added up against me.

I did run on Tuesday night despite all this. It was a beautiful night, if only a bit warm, on the trail. Steven accompanied me on my (soon to be his) cyclocross bike. (More on that in a later post). I have been enjoying Flint Hills, to we did Rantoul -> Ottawa -> Rantoul.


We had a good time staging some “escape” pictures from Jason Voorhees’ creepy cabin.


And our favorite bridge on the trail. We wish we knew more about this bridge — but the plate on the bridge is broken in half and only the “19” from the date remains.


Yikes. These pictures make me cringe.

Afterward, we were starving so we checked out Smoked Creations in Ottawa. We had eaten at this restaurant when it was at its previous location downtown but the new location is much larger with a really nice deck. The view was really pretty and the service was excellent. We both ordered entrees off the back menu, which were unusual items beyond the usual brisket sandwiches. I had pulled chicken on a sweet potato. Steven had bbq meat with bacon and an egg.


It was quite late when we got back, so I just settled in bed with an Ambien for some much needed rest.

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