I am excellent at making friends.

On Wednesday, I sort of just trudged through my day. I didn’t have a lot of energy, but I did rally a bit for a run. I ran a different section of Flint Hills, from Ottawa out to Pomona. Scenery and ground-wise, it felt more like Prairie Spirit. I definitely like the heavy woods of the Ottawa thru Osawatamie sections more.


I did make this little friend along the way. He must not have read the sign about the pond being a sewage lagoon. Or his swimming standards are much lower than mine.

By Thursday, I was just kaput. I took a walk with my dog, August, instead of a morning run. In the evening, I was willing to try for a real run, but decided that a rest day was a better option. I made up our annual Cinco De Mayo dinner for the boys, which I did not eat. OK OK. I guess I did sneak a small piece of tres leches cake.


After dinner, I suggested we take the boys somewhere fun to burn off some energy. While doing gravel rides around Baldwin, we found the Baldwin City Lake and I thought the boys would enjoy that. We packed up soccer balls and frisbees, and checked out the disc golf course.

While the boys played, I made some more friends.


And then some bigger friends! These three babies escaped their home and ran around the golf course. They were not friendly enough for me to pet, but they let me get very close. I posted their picture on the city Facebook group and the owners showed up as we were getting ready to leave.


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