I like free buns and I cannot lie.

So sometimes in Kansas, you are driving down a county road and there is a box truck with a sign that says “Free Buns.” And you are sort of just obligated to stop and take pictures by the truck, pointing at and grabbing your butt. Or at least that’s just me. I don’t know.


We made a quick stop at Ad Astra for me to pick up race packets for Skyline Shuffle 5K. I have done several posts about the preview runs on this course but expect a race review soon!

After dinner, we explored a new-to-me trail at the KU Field Station. I will prepare a more detailed trail review for this, but for now, here are some pictures we snapped on our short hike! I can’t wait to go back and explore this trail more thoroughly.

After a quick pit stop at home so that we could pick up my bike for Steven to ride along, we hit Prairie Spirit for my run. It was a rather late start to my run but I managed to get 6 miles in before 10:00, with a strong kick at the end.


It made for a late night so I was pooped when we got home. I put out my race outfit for the next day and went to bed. I am sure that most people have much better race night rituals than me. To be honest, I spend too much time trying to find the clothes I want to wear… It is rather stressful and ridiculous. I am totally open to any tips you have to make race prep easier!

2 thoughts on “I like free buns and I cannot lie.

  1. Gareth says:

    Ahhh so is it actually finding the clothes you need – which is my problem or is it colour coordination which is the issue which is definitely not my problem as I’m just relieved to find my kit in time!


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