2016 Skyline Shuffle

Date: May 7, 2016
Location: Lawrence, KS – Clinton Lake

It was a toasty morning on race day. We made it to Clinton Lake, Campground 3 a bit early and talked with a few friendly Trail Hawks before the race. At race time, I put Bowie in line behind my friends, Nicole and Trudi, and got in line a bit behind him.


Photo courtesy of Gary Henry

I didn’t stay with Bowie long – he was running strong! I find grass the most difficult to run on. It is lumpy and soft. I am always cautious about twisting an ankle or losing my footing. Add in the hills, and this was a challenging course! (Details here.)


Photo courtesy of Gary Henry

I made it halfway through the course before I needed to start taking walk breaks. A combination of morning + heat + hills just was a lot for me. I didn’t want to blow my adrenals out on a 5K!

When I made the final decent of Bunker Hill, I asked a course marshall if Bowie had come through OK, and he reported that Bowie had gone through looking strong. I turned on to the home stretch and just held on. Bowie and Tatum joined me in the finishing chute! Actually, Tatum stopped in front of me to give me a hug and I told him to keep running. He turned around and ran so fast, he passed right by me!


Photo courtesy of Gary Henry

It turns out that Bowie blew the course prediction I had made for him. I guessed 33:00, and he ran 28:34!!! Holy smokes! A PR for Bowie on a tough course. And he has only been running off and on for a couple months. Go Bowie! He came in 13th out of 60 runners. There was only one other child runner out there.


Photo courtesy of Gary Henry

I did slightly faster than the time I predicted for myself so that was nice. I have a long way to go before I am back to really racing — but I had such a good time and was there to support Bowie.


Photo courtesy of Gary Henry

While we waited for the awards ceremony, we got to talk to so many friendly runners. Tatum asked when he was going to get a number so he could race, and an awesome woman gave him her number. He had a blast running back through the chute!


Gary “Story Hawk” was about, snapping pictures before and during the race. (Thank you, Gary, for the awesome pictures!)


I had a long bike ride on my plan (the 5K was just a bonus), so late that night, Steven and I hit the trails for an evening ride. I am not a fan of rides requiring headlamps — too many bugs! I had not ridden since last year so my butt was also not happy about the ride. We ended up going from Ottawa to Princeton and back. While I am (not so) patiently awaiting a new cyclocross bike, I road my “Comfy Cruiser.” I’m afraid even the cushy seat didn’t save my butt! Ouch.

Have you gotten back out on your bike yet?



3 thoughts on “2016 Skyline Shuffle

    • dirtyrelentless says:

      I am really hoping Bowie sticks with it and decides to do cross-country in high school! He has a lot of natural talent. Heaven knows he isn’t getting coaching or quality practice in!

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