Monday, Monday…

Just a super quick update about Monday. 🙂

Monday I set out with Bowie to get 5 miles in. He wanted to try wearing a hydration vest instead of a handheld, so I strapped him up and we hit Flint Hills trail. He really wanted to see Jason’s stabbin’ cabin. (We are a horror movie family).

It was really hot! And humid! And we started a smidge too early for my adrenal glands to tolerate much, so we only put in 4 miles. Meh. But at least we had fun! 🙂


Also… I was really worried about my shoes after the last few runs. Skyline Shuffle got them pretty muddy! But… I took them in the shower with me after a run and I cleaned them up with an old toothbrush and some body wash, and they look really nice again! Yay!


One thought on “Monday, Monday…

  1. susana3174 says:

    Would love it if you followed my blog. I’m new at this and would live criticism!


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