Built for distance, not for speed.

Wednesday was my first day at my new job in Lawrence, Kansas, lovingly referred to by us cool people as the LFK. #LFK if you are super cool. I have never had an easy commute before, and it was just unreal to me not having to get on the highway and drive for 90 minutes to get to work. SWEET!

By the time I got home, I was tired. First days at work are always tiring as you are meeting 800 new people and trying to come up-to-speed quickly. I was not really in the mood to run, but Steven asked Bowie to run with me, and that was so added motivation. I love running with him. It is so awesome to see him enjoying running as much as I do. Bonus is that he really loves trail running. It is like an Indiana Jones adventure to him. And let’s be honest, it kind of is for me, too. I am really into going off-trail and exploring cool stuff lately.

I knew we would finish our run in the dark, so I didn’t want to take Bowie to Flint. (Kind of creepy there at night). We went to Prairie Spirit to run, and Steven rode his bike beside us.


Bowie tends to go out too fast and rush everything. (Don’t we all?) I explained to him a bit about slow easy runs preventing injury. I reminded him the first couple miles that he needs to keep it loose and easy. He did pretty well staying by me and took advantage of a little water break each mile.


When we got three miles in, we turned around and started heading back. Bowie seemed unsure of finishing six miles. But I reminded him he kind of had to. It is an out-and-back, and I wasn’t going to carry him back to the car!

I had a chuckle that the kiddo who can kick my butt (at least for now anyway!) at 5Ks in the morning was feeling this uncomfortable at an evening long run. I told him it would get easier. And that he should remember how far I can run the next time he beats me at a shorter distance! Haha


At the mile five water break, Bowie said he needed a break. I suggested he try some intervals (walk a bit and then run or jog when he felt he could). I needed to get my full six in, so I left him to work it out with Steven. I made good time getting back to the car so I stretched a bit while I waited. Pretty soon I saw Steven’s bike light on the trail and it was making good time. Bowie must not have walked for very long!

It was a nice night for a run and went a lot better than the sunny hot run earlier in the week. Hopefully soon I will tolerate daytime running (and heat) a bit better.

Bowie has a road 5K on Saturday and a track meet on Thursday, so this was his last run for the week. Good luck Mister BoBo at the Scout Strong Challenge at the Speedway on Saturday!!


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