Bikes roll better when the brakes are not on.

I have had a rough couple of days with very low energy-levels. I really felt like I could become one with my bed and just sort of melt into my blankets. But since I had a rest day (and no long run over the weekend), I told myself that I absolutely HAD to get up and at least attempt something. My plan called for a 45 minute bike and a 3 mile run. I decided to knock out the bike portion.


A successful bike selfie at last!!

We packed up the bikes, my old x-bike (now Steven’s bike) and my new x-bike, and headed to the Prairie Spirit trail. This would be my bike’s real first ride as I only puttered around town a bit after assembly. I was cold out, so I wore my silly guitar-themed kit since it had long pants and long sleeves. The kit doesn’t fit particularly well since the chamois in it is ridiculously big. This makes it all foldy and uncomfortable, but I decided it was better than being cold.


We set out and I was pedaling away. After a few miles, I realized I was super tired. So either I was really really out of shape, or my fatigue level was crazy. We made a pit stop at a little clearing that had some benches. I felt pretty crummy about the whole deal. And then Steven checked my brakes…

After my initial spin around Baldwin, I commented to Steven that I would like the brakes adjusted since the bike wasn’t stopped as well as my old bike did. They both have disc brakes so they should be similar, I thought. I forgot to check the brakes again after it was adjusted. And the brakes were ON. When he tried to spin my front wheel, it didn’t move. The back one spun a few times around before stopping. So basically, I had ridden for miles with my brakes cranked down all the way. Nice for resistance training, maybe. But not so good for an easy ride. After he fixed the brakes, I pedaled back to the car just fine. (So lesson learned – check your brakes before a ride).


Some other observations about my ride:

* My bike seat is the approximate size of a potato chip. Ouch. I will order the same seat that came on the silver bike as it felt pretty good on long rides.

* It is hard to take selfies on a bike. It is even harder to take group selfies. 😉


Selfie fail.

My MTB shoes will be arriving on Thursday, but I have not ordered the pedals yet. I am pretty sure I will be getting Crank Bros Mallets. I also need to change out my bar wrap to pink. Fashion choice. Very important.

It looks the cold and rain is going to start clearing out tomorrow in Kansas. Hope you all kind find some breaks in the weather to get outside!

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