Long runs for short legs.

It was a rather uneventful run last night. No badger attacks or creepy cabins to report. I was really tired after work and considered not running. I told myself to suck it up and run anyway. Sometimes I feel better during a run and I was hoping that would be the case again.

I had to talk Bowie into running. When I told him we would be running 6 miles, he was waffling. I knew he could do it. He ran 5 and did intervals for the last mile for his last long run. I knew he could get the full 6 without the break this time. Of course, he couldn’t find his shorts. Then he could not find his shoes. It is always something with kids. I made PB&Js while he searched for shoes.


Creepy chase cam

We hit the trail and I have to admit, sometimes it can be a challenge to hold a slow pace when running with Bowie. He likes to run a bit in front of me, and that sort of pulls me along, making me speed up. I would check the pace and we would be 30 – 60 seconds too fast. I always remind him that he will pay for that pace later and that we need to keep it easy. Bowie also has the tendency to crowd me. I don’t mind it, but he does tend to run really close to me when he is beside me.


Love that kid!

We hit our 3 mile mark and headed back to the car. In the last mile, he was hesitant but I told him I knew he could do it. (I also may have told him to suck it up and not give up.) The last 1/4 mile, I introduced him to the mantra of “I can do hard things.” Kiddo got 6 done and was pretty happy with himself at the end. I was waitiing to see how he did at 6 before signing him up for The Snake, which is a new 10-miler by the Lawrence Trail Hawks. I think he will be more than ready by July!

So a few things…

Pre-long run snacks. Always taking suggestions! Sometimes the old standbys (PB&J, banana, cheese, bagel half) get old.

I plan to have Bowie run 8 miles or 9 miles as his longest run a couple weeks before The Snake. What is your longest run before a 10 miler? A half? A full? I think everyone’s body tends to respond differently. Personally, for halfs, I like to run the full distance. For fulls and longer, I like to stack double-long runs. I like the feeling of running on tired legs, and not doing a single super-long run keeps me from injuring myself.

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