Getting it done. When I don’t want to.

Friday’s run was the typical “I don’t feel like I can do this, how am I going to do this, I guess I have to do this so let’s do this” run for me. I wanted to run. I NEEDED to run. But every fiber of my being was tired.  I told myself that I could gut it out. The upside was that it was a shorter distance run. The downside was that it was speedwork.


Bridge selfie

Since I got a late start, I hit the trail in Ottawa because it’s the closest to my house. I’m getting a little burnt out on Prairie Spirit, but convenience outweighed my need for awesome scenery.


I started running and luckily for me,  some magic happened. Most of the time, I just trudge it out when I’m that fatigued. But. For once, I started feeling good and when I looked at my Garmin, I was clocking good time and was under my target pace.



During my run, I thought a lot about the progress I have made. I mean, I’m still ridiculously tired. But I’ve found a way to work through the fatigue most days.

Monday afternoon I have an appointment with a rheumatologist to run follow-up tests from my endocrinology appointment at KU Med. I will share more once we are a bit more certain about what is happening.

Thank you all for your kind messages – they really mean the world to me. It perks me up so much when I get messages on Twitter!

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