May showers bring… Bugs. They bring bugs.

I think the only downside to toe socks is when you can’t find a pair. It isn’t like regular socks when even if they are mismatched, you can make them work. With toe socks, you need a right and a left. Or in my case, two left socks that don’t match and you have to turn one inside out.


Bowie and I ran Prairie Spirit last night, and it was a bit of a trail fail. I am not sure if it was the heat, the bugs, my allergies… but my legs were itching the entire time. Like a horrible screaming itch that drove me crazy, and if I stopped and rubbed them, they would get streaky bright red. So that was weird. And a bit miserable. (I will be buying some super-strength bug repellent and loading up on the Benadryl next time!) I guess all that rain makes for standing water, which makes for more mosquitoes, maybe? Stop raining. Please. STOP RAINING!

June 1 is National Running Day so let’s hope for an awesome run! And I hope you all get out and get some fun miles in. To be fair, every day is running day, yes? This just gives us a good excuse to post about it on Facebook. (which again, to be honest, we all likely do anyway. haha!)

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