Hot, hot, hot!

It has been a rough weekend for training in Kansas. The heat index puts our temps over 100 degrees, which is actually pretty dangerous to run in. In the midwest, we get the double-whammy of humidity plus heat. While a dry heat isn’t fun, a swampy wet heat is even worse.


Most will say to stay out of the heat in these conditions, but if you choose to work out, be it ride or run, to take plenty of water and make sure you are paying attention to your body.

health care infographics about heat stroke

I chose to run Friday and Saturday. It was horrible out, so made sure I had crew with me. I started my runs after 9:30, so it was dark out. I made sure I had plenty of charge on my headlamp and plenty of ice water.

Friday, I ran Prairie Spirit for a shorter run. I did 5 miles or so and drained the handheld I was using. I had covered myself in bug spray but still ended up covered in bugs (which happens on the trail). I also got stung by something on my face and ran through some spider webs. Yuck.

Saturday, I needed to run longer. I thought running a paved trail in Olathe / Leawood might be better with the bug situation. I took my new hydration pack filled with ice water with me. (More on this awesome new pack later!)

I ran a new-to-me trail called Tomahawk  Creek Trail. It is a nice paved path that runs around Olathe to Leawood, following Tomahawk Creek. I think I had a reduction in bugs, but still managed to choke on / swallow a moth. Not cool. The trail ran through mostly residential neighborhoods, but made so passes under the highway a few times. I was a bit leery of the underpasses and the sections that strayed from the houses, so I took my pepperspray from my front vest pocket and wore it on my hand. Experience says that if I encountered someone scary, it would likely be in the tunnels under the highways and I wanted to be prepared.

I didn’t get in as many miles as I wanted. At 7 miles, I felt like I was starting to stumble and I wasn’t running a straight line and lost my form. I felt like I was endangering myself, so I called it quits and waited for my crew to pick me up in a well-lit parking lot. (I managed to run faster than the car due to road traffic. Call me Speedy Gonzales!)

When I finished running, my shirt was soaked through and I could feel the sweat running down my scalp onto my back. Pretty gross. And why is Kansas so hot at 11:00 at night??)

I was to have a double long run weekend, which didn’t happen. Sunday I was fatigued all day. Maybe from two hot runs in a row, maybe because my autoimmune stuff wasn’t happy. Either way, I played it smart knowing I have a night trail race coming up, and I don’t want to miss it!


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