legless lizards and bad drivers

Tuesday was ridiculously hot, and judging from the forecast, the foreseeable future will be toasty. This makes for questionable training weather for sure. Please, everyone, be safe and diligent about hydration and sunblock out there!


This is all that is not cool

I was hoping for an evening rain to take the edge off, but it just never materialized. I set out around 9:00 and, because I wanted to just get it done and quickly, I ran pavement instead of taking the time to drive out to a trail. (The horrors!)

I ran out county road 1055 (aka 6th Street, which turns into Ohio Road) for a nice hill run. On my way out, I met a new friend. He was so still that I thought he might be dead – but his head was up and alert. After I took his picture, I skittered a little rock at him and he slithered back into the grass. I didn’t want him to get ran over! I thought he was a baby snake, but friends tell me he is actually a glass lizard, which is a legless lizard. How cool is that?

I made sure I was taking a sip of cold water every five minutes or so, but WOW was it hot. Thankfully I was wearing a headband to keep the sweat from rolling into my eyes.

When I hit 3.5, I turned around and started back home. It was starting to get dark but the temperature wasn’t dropping. Three deer ran across the road in front of me. I have found that often while running with my headlamp on, deer stop to stare at me. I don’t think they know quite what I am. It makes for a neat moment when I get to see them up close. I really love their giant bushy white tails as they bound away from me.

As I was nearing the city limits, a white El Camino (or Ranchero) decided it would be really funny to dive bomb me. I am not sure what compels some people to think it is funny to terrorize runners and cyclists. I am minding my own business, running on the shoulder on the other side of the road from you, and you have to go out of your way to swerve at me, slow down, gun your engine and spin your tires? What does that accomplish? Is that supposed to me scary and intimidating? Because it isn’t. I am not afraid of you. If anything, it makes me feel sorry for you because you are obviously a really ignorant person.

When the car almost hit us last week on our bikes, yes. That was scary. On a bike, I cannot see the danger coming. While running, I run toward traffic and can see what is coming at me. I have jumped into the ditch many times. Except this driver decided to swerve from the other side of the road. I am really a cautious runner and I check over my shoulder when I hear traffic coming just to make sure the driver isn’t wandering toward me. I am thankful I do. Your joke wasn’t funny. It was stupid and dangerous.

I continued my run and made it to city limits…. Sure enough…. El Camino made another pass at me. And shortly later, a pick-up brighted me and yelled “woo-hoo” out the window. Which is better than what people typically yell, so they get points for not calling me Forrest Gump or cat calling me. I can do without the bright headlights. That’s just rude. Often cars forget to dim their headlights for me, and I have to look down to keep my retinas from being burned out of my head. I chalk that up to ignorance or forgetfulness. But brighting me on purpose is just rude. Again. What is wrong with you people? Stop being asshats.


I don’t know why I look stoic. But this is my pre-run picture. 🙂

I cooled down and finished out my 7 miles. My shower felt amazing. You know you were sweating when you have to wring out your headband and shirt. Yikes!

Hoping you all stay safe and are avoiding the meanies in motor vehicles!

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