When cyclists get hit.

What people who blame cyclists for getting hit sound like:


What was he wearing?

He was asking for it wearing those tight shorts.


Where was he riding?

Of course he got hit. What did he think would happen riding down THAT road?


What color was his bike?

I mean… Only people who want to get hit by cars ride red bicycles.


Did he have a light?

It isn’t the drivers fault if he didn’t have 85 reflectors and 13 LED lights on his bike.


Was he drinking Gatorade?

I heard he was drinking Gatorade. He obviously was impaired. If he wasn’t drinking, he could have made better choices and not be hit.


If he just would have ridden in the grass and not on the road, he wouldn’t have gotten hit. Dodging gravel and broken glass builds character.


How many bikes does he own?

I heard he has a lot of bikes. That whole n+1 thing? That means he is of loose morals. Ride that many bikes and you are bound to get hit.


He was riding alone?

If he isn’t riding in a peloton of 20 other bikes, he should expect trouble. Safety in numbers.


But the driver was part of a group!

You know what happens when 10 cars get together. They egg each other on. Next thing you know, someone takes it a little too far and someone gets hurt. Not his fault.


The DOT shouldn’t encourage people to drive so much and have so much fun driving the roads. Drivers can’t be expected to make good choices when the Department of Transportation doesn’t babysit everyone driving to make sure they make good choices.


The driver was drunk? Well. Who hasn’t had a drink or two before driving. Those bikes are impossible to see. We have all driven with a couple drinks. And if the bikes were not so hard to see, he would not have gotten hit. What color was his bike? If it were a brighter color, they would have saw him. Oh, it was red? Well… you know what they say about people who ride red bikes…



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