Like swimming in a hot tub

The weather is still ridiculously hot in Kansas right now. The thought of a nice, cool swim in the lake is rather appealing, right? Well, too bad. It’s Kansas. You get hot water to swim in! Yikes!


I got a late start to Kill Creek for open water swim but once I got there, I was really quick to get suited up and in the water. Even getting into the water it felt warm. (None of that “oh this is cold!!” until you dive under and acclimate feeling.) I was using a new pair of goggles and was really happy that they didn’t leak. Most of the time, I have to adjust my goggles around on my face a bit before I get a good seal, and then I feel like they are too tight and trying to suck the eyeballs out of my head. These goggles felt pretty good and didn’t fog up. But… they are brand new so I will see if they have a visibility problem on my next swim.

On the downside, I discovered the trisuit that I wore to OWS all last season has had it. The material on my crotch and on my butt is going see-thru. Not sure what is happening with that, but I will be scoping out a new trisuit soon. I have a few two piece kits, but I really like the onesie for OWS. (I get annoyed by my shirt rolling up).

I don’t know what it is about OWS, but there were very few swimmers out (which is a nice feeling to have a bit more space), but even with that space, you still get people swimming into you. Dude. There is plenty of room. No one is out here. And maybe sight a little bit? I don’t need your hand stabbing my face as you pass me.  I will just take this bit of crowding as race day practice. Does anyone want to kayak beside me and hit me with pool noodles and dodge balls?


Here are some things I am using right now that I really like.


Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO goggles. One swim on them but I am really liking them. (I will do a full review when I get some more laps on them).

Speedo nose clip. Laugh all you want, I swim in lakes here and brain-eating amoeba are a real thing. For real. People die from that shit. It just makes me feel more relaxed to know that horrible things are not going to swim into my nose. This is the clip that works best for me – it stays put for the most part. (You just can’t have sunblock on your nose or it slides right off).


Tyr silicone swim cap. I have a few different designs with sugar skulls and pink bling bling… But this is my favorite one right now. And it has enough stretch to cover all my hair, which is a plus since it is so long. (And since people have asked, I put my hair in a low braid before I tuck it up under my cap). This one is called Woodstock but I think it is discontinued. The sugar skull one is on clearance right now though!


Orange Mud transition towel. I like this towel because it has built-in clips to keep it in place. I can wrap the towel around me and have my hands free for cleaning off at the water fountain, or change my dirty clothes in the parking lot without being arrested for public nudity. Always a plus.

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