I need fan pants.

Kansas weather continues to be ridiculously hot. Since we are still in the upper 90s (well over 100 with the heat index) it really is a struggle for athletes to get their training in. Being super diligent about hydration and listening to your body, really, is the only thing you can do if you insist on training outside… Which I have been.

I know it would be “easier” to just run the treadmill. Yet, I know myself. A couple miles in, and I would hit the stop button and wander away.


It was still 96 last night when I started to run. (Being that hot late at night is kind of crazy.) I did 4 of the 6 I had planned – which actually felt like an accomplishment since I really wanted to quit after 3. Sweat running into my eyes is a big detractor for me.

I have my first race in a long while on Saturday night.  I was hopeful that it would cool off and be a nice trail run… But my hopes were dashed by the weather forecast. Looks like I will be bringing a lot of water with me. :/

Anyone have any hot weather tips? Maybe some DIY fan pants? Someone to follow allow with a garden hose to spray me down?

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