OM Endurance Pack Review + Discount

I recently received the Orange Mud Endurance Pack that I ordered and wanted to share my experience now that I have used it on both runs and rides!

I ordered the orange pack, but is also comes in gray and a really cool lime green. (I almost ordered the green!) There is also an option to upgrade the pack with shock cords to hold trekking poles.


I don’t know why I am staring off into the distance.

The first thing I noticed was high light the pack was. It is made of a breathable mesh, so that probably helps. It weighs less than 10 oz. That said, it has a crazy amount of storage room for something so small.



A family of 5 could live in these pockets.


There is a bladder compartment. (The bladder holds 70 ounces.). A main cargo compartment. A zippered elastic pocket with a key clip. PLUS!!! Two storage compartments on the chest. AND!!! Shoulder pockets!


Chest pocket for easy fueling

Now… these front compartments are what made me fall in love. While I don’t mind putting my phone and keys in a pocket on my back, there are some things I like to have handy and not have to take off my pack and rummage around for. I like to have a small fuel snack available (ziplock of honey stingers or GU) and I like having my pepperspray easily accessible.


Chest pocket for easy access to “mace in yo’ face”

I mentioned on my paved trail run, I was nervous about running through under-highway tunnels at 10:00 at night. It gave me some added comfort in having my pepperspray strapped to my hand. I had been carrying it in my front pocket and it was just a quick grab to have it in my hand.


Shoulder pockets!

I also like to practice eating on the go, so having my snacks within reach means I don’t have to stop and dig for my fuel. Grab and go!

The bladder was a different style than I was used to with my previous bladder packs…. But it turns out, I really like it! It was so easy to open the bag up and dump tons of ice into it. (It fits right over the ice dispenser at the gas station!! I think it would also make adding Tailwind mix easy as well. (I haven’t used Tailwind in my bag yet). The bladder is also easy to remove and clean, so I didn’t notice any funky taste or smell with my water.

I also have noticed some runners have put an extra water bottle in the front pocket. That would be so handy if I wanted to have a separate bottle for Nuun or Tail Wind. I will try it and report back on that!

When I received my pack, I worked to find a nice fit. The straps are made so that the pack will be fully adjustable. You can tighten them up, you can criss-cross the straps. I know as a woman, I have issues with some packs that don’t take my chest into consideration. I have a smaller frame but have a, uh, gifted chest, shall we say? (Borrowing that phrase from Oiselle bras! Haha!)

I was able to tighten the straps under my arm pits and around my ribs to keep the pack from bouncing around. With the separate straps, my chest didn’t get smooshed or chafed.

I cut the tube down a bit for running, but wanted to try a ride before I did anything too crazy. It turns out my tube was still a bit long for biking, so I ended up cutting the tube so it hit right at the bottom of the pack.


All in all, I am really happy with my Endurance Pack and will continue to use it on my long runs and rides. Shorter runs, I am still happy with a handheld… but man, is it nice having the extra pockets for my phone and keys!

Because I love the pack so much, I wanted everyone to be able to get one! I asked Orange Mud what they could do for my friends, and they gave me a code for 10% off, Plus a free water bottle with purchase!! The code is good for the next 2 weeks so get a move on! EP-SARAH will get you hooked up here!.

Who else loves Orange Mud?? I would love to hear what OM gear you have and how you are liking it!


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