Horsefly ninja skills

Another hot and steamy night in Kansas. (I feel like a broken record here). Steven took Dane to his baseball game and ran some errands in Lawrence, which left me on my own for my run. Out of lack of creativity, I went to Prairie Spirit since I needed to do an out and back, and wanted to minimize my chances of running through spider webs, mosquitos and ticks. (The later you run, the more spider webs, I have found).


So off to the trail I went for a quick run. It was an uneventful run until I turned around to go back to my car. This is when a giant horsefly decided to terrorize me.

Those not from the Midwest may not be familiar with horseflies. You might think it is a normal fly you can just swat away.


These guys are huge! They look like houseflies on ‘roids. They are the size of those giant fuzzy bumble bees. And they are really jerks. Their focus is to bite you.  If you are swimming, they will wait for you to poke your head up out of the water and attack. If you run away, they will chase you for miles. (Not even kidding. This guy chased me the entire way back). Plus, when they bite, it hurts. They take a chunk out of your skin and draw blood.

So I unintentionally had a negative split on the way back.  I was totally pooped and wanted to slow down but every time I did, he would dive-bomb me.  Total jerk.

Anyway. Trail run done. And disaster averted.


Does anyone know how to fight a horsefly? Swinging my handheld at him didn’t seem to work.

One thought on “Horsefly ninja skills

  1. Gareth says:

    Same as badgers! If only … I hate horseflies, living in the country I’ve been bitten a fair few times and it hurts like hell! Those things definitely have fangs


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