Sometimes you have to return to the scene of the crime. Or, maybe it is more accurate to say, you have to face your fears. Or maybe even seek some kind of validation.

Saturday night I had a trail race at Clinton trails. The same trails as the shit-show that was Free State Marathon last year. I don’t spend a lot of time running Clinton. Deep down, I have a few fears. Getting lost. Falling down. Maybe a bad taste in my mouth from Free State.

I ended up with a DNF on Saturday. I did 8 of the 10. I will percolate a bit on that race and provide a review soon. For now just know that I still hadn’t made friends with Clinton and I just REALLY want to love the trails.


Watch your step!

Tuesday night, I decided to get over it and run Clinton – BY MYSELF. Crazy. I headed out on white trail, which is even rockier now. (Erosion?) I planned ahead and wore Altras since my feet were still sore from Saturday when I wore my minimalist shoes. I was buzzing right along. Sure, it was hot out. But my feet felt pretty good and Eminem kept me moving. (He is a super virtual running companion.)


Seriously. Don’t ever look away!

I hit Lake Henry and took a moment to snap a few pictures. (I don’t think the people fishing there fully appreciate why it is important to selfie the occasion. But they don’t have a blog. And they are not runners.)


I selfie because I run.

Back on blue, I picked up the pace. I was scooting right along and was enjoying the section that gets really close to Clinton Lake. And then I come around the corner to see this guy.


So much nope.

I am told he is a timber rattlesnake, minus his rattler. I named him Harry. And then ran away. He didn’t seem to be down with having his picture taken. (Again, he doesn’t have a blog. Or run.)

So Clinton could have found a nicer way to welcome me back. But I didn’t get lost or fall on my face, so we will call it a win.


Kill Creek, lovely as always.

Monday night, was open water swim night. I had company for swim as the always fabulous Kristi joined me for one of my loops. It is so cool to meet people IRL that you know from The Internets.


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