My dogs are all in hiding.

My weekend was not as productive and fit as I had hoped. Saturday, as I was headed out to my long run, I thought I had a break in the weather but on the way, we drove into torrential rain and lightning. I am fine with running in the rain, but I draw the line at lightning and hail, and possibly being sucked into a tornado.


Pedaling quickly, going no where. 

Sunday I did get my ride in. It wasn’t quite as long as I had wanted, but given that the gravel and trails were so soft, I put in a lot of hard work. I really pedaling hard to not get anywhere fast. Also, the humidity was 87%, so it was like exercising in someone’s sweaty armpit. I rode from the Ottawa trailhead to Richmond… which again, I am happy with given I wanted to quit when I hit the Princeton trailhead.

Monday I did head out to run trail in KC, but ended up just running errands instead. I am still not able to dun mornings yet and my legs felt so so heavy. I did WANT to do a run that evening, but it was National Blow Stuff Up and Scare Your Pets day. So I spent the day cooking and watching the boys light fireworks. Our display was pretty mild since we bought everything at the stand on the corner.


Atlas says, “Screw your party!”

The people renting behind us however. Yikes. They spent 4 days setting off what we are guessing were either M80s or sparkler bombs. Whatever it was, it was illegal. And our dogs hated it. Atlas ended up jumping the backyard fence and running around into our front yard to get away from them. Poor guy. Our dogs didn’t seem to be as traumatized as our neighbor’s dog, who would not even go outside to potty. He flat out refused to leave his house!

Anyone else’s dogs not enjoying the holiday?

So right now, the heart is ready but the body is not willing. Hoping to start getting some progress on my autoimmune stuff so I can get back to some hard training. (I have been waiting nearly a month for simple lab results. Kind of ridiculous.)

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