Where I Run: Black Jack Trail

It was approximately 47389748 billion degrees yesterday. Well. 108 with the heat index when I ran last night. But I rounded up.

I was going to check out a new-to-me trail in Baldwin. I thought the Black Jack trails started at the little cabin and parking lot just outside Baldwin. I parked in the lot and saw the neat little bridge and thought it was the trail… After running through scratchy on a narrow little mowed path, I realized this was not the trail. This was a little path that takes you to see wagon ruts on the Santa Fe trail.


not a trail

Well. The bridge was neat anyway.

So I got back in my car and drove to the real trails, which were just down the road. The actual trails are at the Black Jack Battlefield, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the unofficial first battle of the American Civil War. Read more about that here.

I parked my car and spotted the signs pointing to the trail. I knew the trails looped around for a total of 3 miles or so, so I thought I would just wander around a bit and see if I could meet up with friends who were hiking the trail.

I ran around about a mile before I apparently angered a giant ill-tempered bug. He chased me around, dive-bombing me, for a mile before I decided I was too hot and sweaty to continue getting chased.

I will be back to explore the trails fully, and provide a Garmin map. For now, here are some pictures. (No picture of angry black bug, though).

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