Gutting out the heat and humidity.

High humidity. High temps. No wind. My run last night felt like running in steam shower. Or a sweaty arm pit. Either way, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough air. Breathing felt thick, sweaty and just gross. I gutted out the 5 miles and was proud of myself for sticking with it. It was not easy for sure.

Pre-run, I stopped at Kwik Shop to fill my hydration vest with ice water. (I can’t say enough good things about this vest. My iPhone even fits in the front pocket so I can have my phone handy for pictures!! New discovery… I am overly excited about that.)


Pre-run selfie by the Ride Lawrence bike rack

I started at the Rotary Club Arboretum in Lawrence. It is a nice little park with a pond in the middle. It has a paved trail that runs around the pond. There are plenty of benches and even a yoga deck, so it is a nice place to run, or putter around with kiddos when it isn’t so hot. (Map of Lawrence trails here.)


I named him Donald.

From the park, I took the gravel path over to the trail that runs out to Clinton, which I believe is the S. Lawrence Trafficway Trail. Along the way, I made friends with a little turtle.

When I got to Clinton Lake North Shore Trails, I didn’t get to do any hill repeats at Sander’s Mound. It was just too muddy out. There were people trudging around in the mud. I can’t imagine it was very much fun for them, and it wrecks the trail. So boo on them.


No Filter!

A quick chug off my hydration vest and I headed back out to the arboretum. The sunset was out my back and so I didn’t get to see how beautiful it was until I got back to the pond. I did a lap around the pond to say hi to the ducks, and to get my full 5 miles in. As I rounded the corner, I finally got to see the beautiful pink sky.

Friday is a rest day. I will be picking up packets for Bowie and I to run The Snake, a 10 mile trail race at Clinton Lake trails. It will be grueling. Bowie better wear his tough guy pants.

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