A mantra on my wrist.

Yay I am back! I have been training, as always… just haven’t been diligent about checking in. My bad.

Yesterday I finally made it to a yoga class. Many of my friends have been riding the yoga train for some time now. (It seems like they practically go every day!) I kept saying I needed to go, but just hadn’t put on my brave pants to do so.  Alas, I finally packed my gym bag with yoga and running gear with the intent of going to yoga and then hitting Clinton for a trail run after. And then it rained all day. With hail. Nice.

I realized I forgot my yoga mat, so I hit TJ Maxx on my way to class and bought a pretty robin’s egg blue mat. While I was there, I also got new yoga pants and this fun tank top. I kind of love it.


How cute is this tank?

Then I was off to yoga! So, yes. It was challenging. I was working hard. I am not anywhere as flexible as I once was. I hated that my heels weren’t firmly planted on the floor for down-dog. I didn’t like that I was wobbling a bit for warrior. BUT!!! By the end of the night, my heels were on the floor (just barely). And that encouraged me enough to promise to come back!

Also, my legs feel really good today. All that stretching did me some good. So I am on the yoga train.

When I got home, I set up the fan in front of my trainer and watched Kill Bill while I pedaled. As I have mentioned before, I am not a fan of the trainer. I am not a fan of the treadmill either. I ran in sub-zero temps over the winter to avoid it.


The trainer is not a good time.

So… I am always up for tips to make the trainer (and treadmill) suck less. I actually got a comment on Instagram to try a playlist instead of a movie. I will give that a try. (If anyone has a Spotify playlist to share, I am up for suggestions!)



Finally. I really love this bracelet I ordered from Momentum. (It is custom, so I had to order it on their Etsy shop). I am not selling them, I don’t make any commission, nothing like that. I just like the bracelets so I thought I would share a picture. (And… for those unfamiliar with “HTFU,” please see Rule 5 here.)

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