Building my own relay team.

I shuffled my training plan and went for a run last night. (Needing a rest day earlier in the week has made me have juggle a bit). I needed something nearby and convenient, so Prairie Spirit it was. I asked Bowie to come along. Hearing this, Tatum decided he wanted to run as well. He keeps talking about doing races, too, so I signed him up for the Mass Street Mile, a timed mile race through downtown Lawrence that follows the Crit course.  I figured, why not see how far Tatum could make it. He would probably run-walk, and that is OK.


Airplane Arms!

Bowie and I did the first mile together. Then, Tatum decided he wanted to run, too, so he went out on the next mile. I recorded nearly the entire run on Facebook Live – and I am so happy I did. Tatum crushed it! Even running trail in Keen sandals, he ran the entire mile, without stopping.

In fact, I had to keep telling him to slow down because I thought he would wear out. Tatum kept speeding up and trying to block Bowie out. I probably didn’t need to have him reel it in because when we got to the homestretch and I told him to kick, he floored it.


Beautiful sunset on my solo run.

That kid. They make me so proud. Apparently I make runners.

Bowie ended up doing one more mile with me, so I have company the first 3 miles. Since we did 3 faster miles, I just added in another solo mile. So I did 4 faster instead of 6 slower. In my head, that works out the same.


My new Ad Astra Running sweaty band!

So our conundrum now is to find Tatum some running shoes. I had to order Bowie’s road and trail shoes online, and they were discontinued. (And they wouldn’t get here in time for a Sunday race anyway.) So I am thinking I will need to find some kids Nike Free Runs for Tatum. (I do NOT like Nike, but in a pinch, they seem to be the only company that makes running shoes for children. That needs to change. Looking at you, Brooks, Merrill and Altra. Stop discontinuing kids shoes!)


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