Mass Street Mile

The part I didn’t mention about the Lunar Kanza on Saturday night was all the excitement really happened on my way home. I was about half-way home when Steven called to tell me he needed to take Dane to the ER. Bowie and Dane had been wrestling around in the kitchen and they fell into a cabinet. Dane had gouged his head open!

I made it home, took my bike off the rack and rinsed off in the shower. Then I just waited and waited for them to come home… Finally, Dane came home with 3 staples in his head. (The anesthesia  didn’t take so the poor kiddo felt the whole thing. Yet didn’t cry!)

We rounded up race outfits for Tatum and Bowie and went to bed at 2:30 or so. When the alarm went off at 5:30, I was not pleased. We puttered around the house and got the little ones ready for their race. (Emery and Dane stayed home to get some sleep.) I felt like I was in slow-motion, for sure.

The Mass Street Mile had been around for years before but was resurrected this year by local running shop, Ad Astra Running.  Since it is a certified course, it is a great opportunity to log a mile PR in Athlinks. Runners use the same course at the rides of the Crit that weekend.

We got the boys to the start line and Tatum insisted he wanted to run by himself. (I was actually sort of glad because I was tired and wearing flip-flops). The boys took off and it was just the cutest thing to see Tatum chasing the runners.

We cut over to the 1/3 mile mark and watched the boys run by. I yelled at Bowie to move his butt, and then a bit later, Tatum ran by and we cheered again. (So much pressure for Bowie! Haha)


We crossed back to the finish line and watched the super speedy sub-5 guys rolling in.  The first place winner was 4:18!!!

Bowie came in at 7:57 (gun time).  Just a bit later, Tatum rolled in at 9:07 (gun time). So proud of those boys.

After the race, a woman came up and asked how old Tatum was. She wanted to know how old the littlest person to pass her was. So funny.

Bowie ended up with third place in his age group and received his trophy from Olympian Jeff Galloway. Both boys received medals and vouchers to have their finish time engraved.

As we were leaving, one of the volunteers asked if the boys liked chocolate milk. It turns out they had a lot of extra, so they sent each of the boys home with a gallon of chocolate milk and a bunch of bananas.

I feel this has set a really high quality bar with a gallon of chocolate milk as finisher swag.


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